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ChapterSpot's Salesforce Managed Services (SFMS) simplifies your complex processes across thousands of members. SFMS transforms your operations into a fast and efficient machine. Salesforce and ChapterSpot work hand-in-hand to help your staff leverage its powerful, real-time reporting capabilities. Supported by these two great products, your team spends more time pursuing the organization’s mission-driven initiatives.

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Pricing Plan

Single Group


(Billed annually)

2.5% transaction fee

.30 cents/transaction

  • Collaboration Tools
  • Dues Collections Tools
  • Chapter Website


Custom Quote
/active member/month

Pricing depends on size of the organization

(Minimum Network Charge $1,800/month)

  • HQ database & Local Chapter
  • Database Setup & Connection
  • Customized Organization Settings
  • Local Chapter Collaboration Tools
  • Management Tools for Task Tracking
  • Chapter Websites