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John Miller (seen second from left), 67, and 31-year-old Michael Miller (far left) have been arrested on murder charges over the shooting Aaron Howard (inset and far right with his fiancee) on September 1 in Abilene, Texas. Howard’s fiancee, Kara Box, used her cell phone to film the argument which led to the shooting. The argument took place in an alley behind Howard’s home on Don Juan Street in Abilene. It shows both John and Michael Miller holding firearms. The father has a pistol in his right hand while the son, standing just a few feet behind him, is gripping a shotgun. Howard demands they put down their weapons before John Miller pulls the trigger on his pistol, though this is not captured by video. The footage does capture his son following up by firing his shotgun though (center).

'My heart has no room for hate': Mom of engaged jogger, who was stabbed to death in random DC attack, reveals how she has FORGIVEN her daughter's killer and emotionally recalls how she spent her last days trying on wedding dresses

Wendy Martinez, 35, (pictured bottom with her fiancé) was stabbed to death while running through a typically safe Washington DC neighborhood at around 8pm on Tuesday. Anthony Crawford, 23, (inset) was arrested for her murder the following day. Now Martinez's grieving mother Cora (center top) has revealed she has already forgiven her daughter's killer, because 'My heart has no room for hate.' 'I am asking my family to do the same,' she said at an emotional press conference. 'Just let it go 'Wendy is at peace, she is happy and we want to follow that example.' Her family say that Martinez was very excited about her wedding and that the last seven days, since fiancé Daniel Hincapi proposed, had been the 'happiest of her life.'

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture said on Wednesday the beef was produced and packaged at Cargill Meat Solutions in Fort Morgan on June 21 and shipped to retailers nationwide.

Former rap mogul Marion 'Suge' Knight pleaded no contest on Thursday to voluntary manslaughter for running over and killing a Compton businessman nearly four years ago.

The shooting occurred around 9pm on Thursday outside of a home in Syracuse, New York, where a crowd had gathered outside of a home to mourn the passing of Richard Harris.

Student pictured in 'racist' post by University of Mississippi journalism school namesake

Edwin Meek, 77, the $5.3million donor behind the Meek School of Journalism and New Media at Ole Miss, (right) shared pictures of Mahoghany Jordan (left) and her friend Kiyona Crawford on Wednesday - alluding that their presence has led to a decline in real estate values and a decline in enrollment. Now Jordan has hit back at Meek, branding his post 'racist' and sexist. In an open letter in student newspaper, The Daily Mississippian, she wrote that neither she nor fellow student Crawford had any involvement with the 'fights and scenes' Meek discussed in his post.

Bryan Deneumostier (pictured), 32, of Florida, who posed as a housewife to lure men into his home, has pleaded guilty to making sex tapes with 150 men and uploading them to a porn site.

Friends say Maryland Rite Aid shooter was transgender and felt alienated, but 'wasn't a

Snochia Moseley, 26, was at breaking point when she killed three people and herself in a shooting at a Rite Aid warehouse on Thursday, friends say.  Moseley opened fire at her workplace at 9.06am, after arriving at the distribution facility in Enterprise Business Park. She shot outside the building, before continuing her rampage inside.  Friend Toni Coley, who has known the woman since high school, said Moseley often felt alienated, but she 'wasn’t a monster, wasn’t an angry person'. Moseley injured three people and shot dead three others. Two of them died at the scene and one was taken to hospital where they succumbed to their injuries later in the day.

A songwriter and musician, Brown was active in the foundation and is remembered as the person 'who fully embodied the dance moves of her father.

The crash occurred around 10pm Arizona time on Wednesday when a southbound Buick crossed the center line of State Route 79 and struck a Chevy Suburban head-on.

Beyonce accused of 'extreme witchcraft' by Kimberly Thompson

A female drummer is accusing superstar Beyonce of 'extreme witchcraft' and casting 'spells' on her. Kimberly Thompson (right), who in court documents says she worked for the singer for seven years, accused Beyonce (left) of a campaign of harassment against her that included the practice of 'dark magic' and 'magic spells of sexual molestation.' Thompson even claimed the Lemonade hitmaker murdered her kitten.

'Why didn't somebody call the FBI 36 years ago?': Trump mocks Kavanaugh's accuser at Nevada rally and tells Senate to 'get on with it' and finish the confirmation process

'I say let her say what she has to say and let's see how it all comes out,' Trump said before a Las Vegas rally. 'But they've delayed it a week, and they have to get on with it.' Minutes later the president stood behind his podium and exclaimed: 'Look at our judges! What's going on?' Thousands spontaneously began chanting Kavanaugh's name.

Female Yale students interviewing for Brett Kavanaugh told 'no accident clerks 'look like

Amy Chua, 55, (right) author of the 2011 controversial parenting book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother allegedly advised female students what to wear for an interview with Judge Kavanaguh (left). Speaking to the Guardian and Huffington Post, former students say Chua and her husband Professor Jed Rubenfeld, said the judge only hires woman with a 'certain look'. Kavanaugh is under scrutiny after Christine Blasey Ford (inset) alleged the judge forcibly held her down and groped her in high school.

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have called upon the FBI to investigate death threats against Christine Blasey Ford while Judge Kavanaugh and his family have also been threatened.

The family of Christine Blasey Ford, including her Disney star niece Bridgit Mendler, wrote a public letter of support, telling senators 'her honesty is above reproach.'

PIERS MORGAN: Stop lying Tess Holliday you’re morbidly obese

Dear Tess, you are someone suffering from morbid obesity. That’s not me being a ‘fat-shaming douchebag’, as your legion of fans will doubtless immediately scream. That’s just a fact. You say, ‘I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life now and it took me being the heaviest to finally love myself.’ I don’t believe you. Nobody, male or female, could see their weight surge to over 300lbs if they’re just 5ft 3in tall, and be genuinely happy. Right now, I think you’re trapped in a hellish spiral of self-delusion. You’re only getting the cover of Cosmo and endless TV appearances because you’re massively, dangerously overweight yet feigning joy. The editors and producers paying you large sums of money to glamorize your morbid obesity are cynically exploiting you. They’re your enablers.

Fans fear for Justin Bieber's well-being after 'disturbing' video surfaces of him twitching and shaking as he awkwardly embraces a girl in Manhattan

Fans are fearing for the health of Justin Bieber after a twitchy video surfaced earlier this month of the pop star greeting a few fans on the streets of Manhattan. In the 18-second clip, the 24-year-old Grammy winner appeared to be just be goofing around at first, mimicking an unseen fan's over-excited enthusiasm upon recognizing him. But once another young lady embraces Justin for a fan photo, the Canadian crooner bizarrely pets her back with a shaky arm while his face goes from grimace to severe smile and back again.

Ta'lor Oliver says her son Triston Oliver, two, was allegedly abused and starved while under the care of Rebecca Anderson, 60, who ran Becky's Child Care in Mesquite, Texas.

Southlake, Texas couple Mohamed Toure and Denise Cros-Toure were indicted on charges of forced labor, haboring an alien, and conspiracy by grand jury Wednesday.

Agents recall bizarre behavior of FBI iformant turned serial killer Scott Kimball

Detectives have told how a FBI informant turned serial killer Scott Kimball tried to throw investigators off track as they searched for the body of one of his victims. Dateline returns on Friday night, and the new season will kick off with the story of Kimball (seen top right in his mugshot) who earned the nickname Hannibal Lecter after murdering at least four people in the early 2000s. A clip from the episode obtained exclusively by DailyMail.com shows the moment that FBI agents found one of those bodies - LeAnn Emry, 24, (bottom right) and just how hard Kimball worked to lead them astray. At one point during their search, Kimball almost managed to redirect the men away from one of his shallow graves, but found his plot foiled when one of the men noticed a hair clip with part of Emry's scalp still attached (inset). he is seen main during the search with detectives.

'I made the timing decision, and as I look back, I think the mistake that I made — I take the blame — was a little too much, too fast,' he admitted to The Hollywood Reporter .

Chaitanya Datla, 33, drowned in the California lake last week when a family boating trip went horribly wrong. He dived into the water without a life jacket and did not make it back to the boat.

Geoffrey Owens returns to acting after being shamed for working at Trader Joe's

The former Cosby Show star was pictured posing at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, on Wednesday, for his triumphant return to acting, left. Perry had stepped in to offer the 57-year-old a gig after he spoke out about being shamed for working at Trader Joe's when a customer took photographs of him at a checkout and posted them to her social media account, right. Owens flew to Atlanta this week where Perry is shooting the sixth season of The Haves And The Have Nots. Owens has signed on for ten episode run on the drama.

If you have a bloated stomach, your body is trying to tell you you're not digesting your food properly or that you have a food allergy, says British nutritionist Rick Hay.

There's nothing worse than struggling to fall asleep and failing. But before reaching for anything to calm you down, there's a two-ingredient drink that's guaranteed to help.

White Delta employee calls cops on black passenger who calmly asked to speak to a manager because her luggage was ripped during a flight (and the worker is quickly dubbed 'Baggage Service Becky')

A black woman says a customer service representative for Delta Airlines called state police on her after refusing to give out a manager's name for a damaged baggage form. The woman, known only as Arlene, says she had filmed the incident, which led the customer service worker to call the police for reasons she believes were racially motivated. Arlene says she left the office the second the call was placed as she feared the situation getting out of control, but followup complaints to Delta fell on deaf ears.

Police in Costa Rica say a U.S. couple have died in an accident at a waterfall known as Belen de Nosarita. Darren Mizokami got into difficulty and died along with wife Kimberly on Wednesday.

Erika Pena is the woman who led to Juan Daid Ortiz's arrest earlier this month for the murders of four of her friends.  On September 14, Ortiz, 35, picked Pena up for sex in Laredo, Texas.

Meghan Markle's Grenfell cookbook launch was coup for her mother Doria

RICHARD KAY: So when Doria stepped unexpectedly from a royal Range Rover with Meghan and Harry in Kensington Palace (pictured today) London– whose appearance, too, was unplanned – it was completely appropriate. The event couldn’t have been choreographed better, with mother, daughter and, oh yes, son-in-law hosting a lunch for the women. Pride radiated from Doria as she circulated. ‘You must be proud as punch,’ someone asked her. ‘Head over heels,’ came the assured reply. She is proof that her daughter did not cast her old life aside, as some predicted she would, when she became Her Royal Highness on marrying the Queen’s grandson in May.

In an unprecedented move, Meghan Markle invited her mother Doria Ragland to the event at Kensington Palace, and they appeared together in public for the first time since May's royal wedding.

The Duchess of Sussex, 37, was joined by her mother Doria Ragland, 62, as she hosted an event celebrating the launch of a charity cookbook benefiting the victims of the Grenfell Tower blaze.

The Queen's grand nephew, who is 23rd in line to the throne, posted a loved up snap of fellow Edinburgh University student Lizzie Friend perched on his knee on Instagram.

When a gust of wind blew Meghan's hair out of place at the celebration lunch in the grounds of Kensington Palace on Thursday, her husband Harry was on hand to smooth it back down again.

Horrific video shows moment headphone-wearing investment banker, 36, is killed by a bus in NYC while riding a Citi Bike - the first rider fatality since program was rolled out in 2013

Surveillance video has been released showing the tragic moment a New York man riding a Citi Bike was struck and killed by a bus last year. Dan Hanegby, 36, of Brooklyn, right, was killed on June 12, 2017 in a collision with a bus while biking down a narrow West 26th street in Chelsea. Footage of the crash was shown in court and released to the New York Post on Thursday, and shows Hanegby riding in the street next to a white van. As he pedals, a Coach USA bus approaches trapping the father-of-two between the two vehicles. Authorities said Hanegby lost his balance and fell over as the bus was going by. He was run over by the bus’s rear wheel. The driver, Dave Lewis, was charged and appeared in court this week (inset).

The official Vietnam News Agency says Quang died at the 108 Military Hospital in Hanoi on Friday due to a serious illness, but it did not elaborate.

This still image taken from video provided by CBS2/KCAL9 shows the scene of gunfight at an East Los Angeles park that has wounded two Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies and left a suspect dead, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2018. Sheriff Jim McDonnell says the deputies, both veterans of the department in their early 30s, are in serious but stable condition Wednesday night and their wounds are non-life threatening. (CBS2/KCAL9 via AP)

Rene Herrera, 39, was shot dead, and fellow gang member Fernando Cruz, 18, was injured and is in critical condition after the incident at an East Los Angeles park on Wednesday evening.

Audrey Gartin, 39 (pictured), was killed in July while riding as a passenger in the car of Heather Tapia, 47, who police say was drunk when she swerved into oncoming traffic in Ohio.

Jamel Parker, 31, of Harris County, Texas alleges that Southwest Airlines supervisors knew of a 'whites only' break room at Houston Hobby Airport.

Ivanka Trump tours NASA Space Center and reveals astronaut dreams

The 36-year-old first daughter revealed her secret ambition to become an astronaut while visiting NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, with Republican Senator Ted Cruz on Thursday. Ivanka toured Mission Control and spoke with the International Space Station crew during her trip to the facility, where human spaceflight training, research, and flight control are conducted. While touring Mission Control, Ivanka called the International Space Station crew and revealed that they have her 'dream job.' Ivanka also met with local high school students who compete nationwide in robotics competitions with the help of NASA engineers.

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's former personal attorney, has spent multiple days in the last month with special counsel Robert Mueller's team and the questions have focused on Russia.

It was the first time the Trump administration targeted a third country with its 'CAATSA' sanctions, designed to punish Russia for its seizure of Crimea and other activities.

The dynamic duo hit a bit of a bump in the road though ahead of their trip when the owners of one Montana bar politely informed them that they had no interest in hosting their grand old party.

Shocking before and after satellite pictures reveal the devastation of Hurricane Florence as the death toll rises to 41 

DigitalGlobe, the company that provides high-resolution satellite imagery, snapped photos of the flood-ravaged area surrounding Wallace, North Carolina before and after storm came through. Wallace is a town that lies about 35 miles northeast of Wilmington. The images show just how extensive was the damage wrought by floods to farmland, homes, and other local businesses. More than 84,000 homes and businesses in North Carolina were still without power on Thursday in the wake of Hurricane Florence which hit the state’s coast on Sept. 14, according to local power companies.

Wendy Newton, 45, and Nicolette Green, 43, drowned inside a sheriff's van in South Carolina while the two deputies escaped after the vehicle became engulfed by Florence floodwaters.

Hurricane Florence has caused hog manure lagoons in North Carolina, full of harmful bacteria, to overflow which could make people ill, say experts.

EXCLUSIVE: Girls, 20, sue club after video of them performing sex acts on bar's dance floor naked went viral on Twitter and Pornhub, as they blame venue for 'bruises from men groping them and turning them into underage sex slaves'

Audra O'Neill and Bailey Vaughn (together left) were 19 years old when they were filmed performing sexual acts naked on the dance floor (right) of Roxy's Pub in West Palm Beach, Florida, last October. The girls, who are originally from Nashville, say they were served five cocktails each in 90 minutes without being asked for IDs or payment. One bartender reportedly told the women they could pay for the drinks by 'showing their t*ts later.' Bouncers eventually kicked the girls out, but they claim they have no idea how they got home and say they were covered in bruises from where patrons groped them (inset).

Gloria Kevelighan's face was covered in severe bruises when she recounted the 'traumatic' attack in a Walmart parking lot in Livonia, Michigan on Tuesday.

Elizabeth Thomas is speaking out for the first time about her time on the run with her Tennessee teacher Tad Cummins, during which she said he threatened her and kept her by his side at all times.

'Bucket List Family' settle down in Hawaii after three years of traveling the globe

Tech entrepreneur and multi-millionaire, Garrett Gee and wife Jessica have settled down and bought a home in Hawaii. Garrett, 30, and Jessica, 32, originally from Utah, have been traveling with their two children, Dorothy, age 5, and Manilla, age 4, for three years.Seven months ago they introduced the fifth member of their family, Calihan. The family have been to more than 60 countries on over 180 flights but now they say it's time to settle down and enroll the children in school. But they said they will continue to travel and already have trips planned for school breaks.


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The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable NFL franchise on Forbes ' annual list again after getting a $5 billion valuation. The New England Patriots ranked second at $3.8 billion.

Early prototypes of Google's 'Smart Reply' feature had plenty of goofs, including suggesting 'Sent from my iPhone' and 'I love you' as a response to numerous emails.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy called for Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino to resign on Thursday, after the secret recordings from January 16 were released by NPR affiliate WNYC .

David Heinze, 19, of Keller, Texas, was arrested for intimidation for allegedly threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend and her family and shoot up her school after she broke up with him.

Austin Pape, 21, of Dyersville, has pleaded guilty to a charge stemming from driving onto and damaging the eastern Iowa baseball field made famous by the 1989 movie 'Field of Dreams.'

Try these devilishly tough secret service brainteasers to test your logic, imagination and

If you think you've got what it takes to be the next James Bond (inset) then give these a try. Some are historical conundrums of the sort that Edwardian and later agents would have been expected to tackle with speed. While others have been inspired directly by more modern secret service recruitment tests. There are ten for you to pit your wits against here and we've got all the answers you need to check whether you're right or wrong.

In a Manhattan court, U.S. District Judge Valerie E. Caproni tried to put the sentencing of Joseph Percoco in perspective, noting other recent high-profile convictions of state leaders.

Wells Fargo plans to cut up to 10 percent of its workforce over the next three years after facing size restriction penalties from the Federal Reserve following a series of scandals.

Anthony Helinski, 34, turned himself in to police in Salem, New Hampshire, on Wednesday, five days after witnesses filmed him instructing the young girl to grab prizes from inside the KeyMaster game.

After being separated from his parents and sister, six-year-old Dylan Garcia returned to Guatemala on Wednesday, four months after immigration officials split him and his father apart at the US border.

The Kentucky Supreme Court has been asked to decide whether registered sex offender Ryan Scott Stone, 33, can spend time alone with his own children, ages three and six.

Working Families Party candidate Amanda La Bell, 41, has announced she's quitting the race for Oregon's state house seat on Wednesday, following false claims about her university degree.

Breanne Bechtol, 21, crashed into a pole with her two-month-old baby in the car on Wednesday, after threatening to commit suicide, in an attempt to catch her ex-boyfriend's attention.

Pennsylvania State University researchers discovered that kids that rapidly gained weight in their lives have less diverse mouth bacteria, meaning an oral swab may predict childhood obesity.

Janet P Winslow, 71, of Farmville, Virginia was arrested on September 13 and charged with the 2012 murder of her husband, Ernest Winslow, age 65. Investigators did not reveal his cause of death.

Newlywed sailor accused of drowning his wife is caught on camera in a heated argument with his partner's weeping Florida relatives before fleeing with their daughter to England

Lewis Bennett, 41, from Australia is charged with murder in the death of his wife after he was rescued alone off the coast of Cuba without his US wife Isabella Hellmann in May 2017. Video surfaced showing Bennett in a confrontation with his in-laws two weeks after his wife's disappearance. His sister-in-law accuses Bennett of murdering Hellman while the couple's young daughter- believed to now be in England - is in the back seat. If Hellmann, who's body has not been found, is presumed dead Bennett will inherit her estate. FBI accused Bennett of intentionally scuttling the 37ft vessel and he is serving a seven-month jail term after admitting transporting illegal coins while awaiting his hearing in December.

The traditional Mexican music group of Spanish guitars, trumpets and violins had been hired by a man in Coyacan, Mexico City, who said he wanted to surprise his girlfriend.

Richard Jefferson's (pictured) father has been killed in a drive-by shooting in California. The ex-NBA star's dad, Richard Jefferson Sr, was standing outside a liquor store when he was killed.

Spotify is giving artists even more freedom. The popular streaming platform is rolling out a new beta program that lets indie artists directly upload their music, album art and other info to its service.

Mellissa Krystynak, 49, has been charged with six counts of fraud for allegedly inflating 35 of her daughter's grades at to get scholarship money. She worked at Greenbrier West High School for six years.

TTT: Tattoo book reveals most impressive inkings from around the world

The new book TTT: Tattoo explores the link between the ancient art form, current tattoo culture and modern history in the making. Its features the work over 300 of the world’s best tattoo studios and individuals, including French former graphic designer Lewisink, 27, (left), London-based British artist Stewart Robson (centre) and Frederico Rabelo (right), from Brazil, whose tattoos often resemble Renaissance paintings.

Eggs should not be allowed to sit in the pan, but gently stirred continuously until just before they are ready and turned out onto toast, writes British food writer WILLIAM SITWELL.

Newly-elected Tennessee mayor Glenn Jacobs (left) will return to his WWE alter-ego 'Kane' (right] for a show down special in aid of charity which takes place in Australia next month.

Actress Chloe Dykstra published an online essay in June about the alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex-boyfriend and the Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick.

Canadiens center Max Domi was ejected from Wednesday's preseason game in Montreal for a punch to Florida defenseman Aaron Ekblad's face that Roberto Lungo called 'gutless.'

Rescuers were frantically searching for those trapped on board the MV Nyerere on Thursday evening after the boat began to sank en route between the island of Bugolora and Ukara.

Tinder executive Jonathan Badeen has admitted he based the dating app's famous 'swiping' mechanic around a classic experiment from famed Harvard psychologist B.F. Skinner.

Antibiotic resistance from over-prescribing doctors, treated livestock and even puppies is a health crisis. Now the CDC and US Department of Health and Human Services are calling for global action.

According to a researcher from University at Buffalo, social media doesn't offer reliable ways to identify profiles that don't represent real people.

The president said that the remains were returned 'as a result of my Summit with Chairman Kim' as he again cast his meeting with the North Korean dictator in June as a success.

Google gave details about its policies for third-party Gmail add-ons but stopped short of fully addressing questions from U.S. senators about developers who break its email-scanning rules.

Three men are facing charges over a $364 million investment scheme they used to fund lavish lifestyles. Jay Ledford, 54, (inset) with addresses in Texas and Nevada faces 40 years in jail if convicted.

There may be three months to go before the big day, but brands are already bringing out their advent calendars in an attempt to lure Britain's early Christmas shoppers to part with their cash.

Shocking bodycam shows cop PUNCH female driver in the face and drag her from her vehicle over a suspended license

On September 6, Renee Armenta, 38, was stopped for driving without a license in the town of Goodyear - a suburb of Phoenix. Video of her arrest was filmed by bodycam (above) and a passerby (inset). In the bodycam footage, the officer, who is identified as ‘M. Ross,’ approaches the car and tries to detain the driver, Armenta. When Ross tells Armenta she’s under arrest, she responds: ‘For what?’ The officer than yells for her to put her hands up. She responds again by asking what she did. The officer punched Armenta, who was unarmed, in the face to stop her hanging onto the car door. He then yanked the 38-year-old across the tarmac.

Mold and bacteria can grow in beauty products after their expiration date or if they are kept in humid environments.Experts recommend paying attention to the expiration date on product labels.

American-born ballerina Precious Adams, 23, performs in brown tights that more closely match her skin colour, arguing she wants to 'look her best' in front of an audience.

The North America Airport Satisfaction Study polled over 40,000 passengers and asked them their thoughts on check-in, retail, accessibility, terminal facilities and baggage reclaim.

Chavay Williams, 30, was fired from Playtime Preschool in Columbus for urging 21 kids, aged three and four, to fight each other on the playground and then sharing a video on Snapchat.

'I'd be jealous too, if she was with you': Paulina Gretzky fuels rumors that she and PGA star Dustin Johnson have split after returning to Instagram with a break-up ballad

Paulina Gretzky returned to Instagram after a month-long absence to post a video of herself listening to a sad song about an old love. The model daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky posted a video that showed her laying in bed as the Dustin Lynch song 'I'd Be Jealous Too' played over the video. On that song, Lynch sings during the chorus: 'I'd be jealous too, if she was with you / I’d be out of my mind, watching her move / If I was just a guy with across the room view / I’d be jealous too, if she was with you, with you.' Her decision to select that song in the wake of rumors that her longtime boyfriend had an affair with a young socialite only served to fuel speculation about the pair's relationship.

Rik, a dog assigned to the Fort Bend County Narcotics Task Force who once discovered $1 million worth of cocaine during a traffic stop in Texas, detected 200 pounds of marijuana Wednesday

The North West Football League of Tasmania has said it will take action after three players were photographed in blackface during 'Mad Monday' celebrations.  

A seven-year-old girl braved a four-hour operation this week to donate her bone marrow to her mother, who suffers from a rare blood disorder. The story has moved millions in China.

A high-art museum centering around marijuana is opening on Thursday in Las Vegas complete with two-stories high, fully smokable glass bong dubbed 'Bongzilla.'

Experts from Johns Hopkins University say it is fascinating to see ecstasy, the nickname for psychoactive drug MDMA works on octopuses exactly the same way it does on people.

Post-doctoral research fellow at Iowa State University Pelin Gul and Tom Kupfer, a Marie Curie research fellow at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam investigate what 'benevolent sexism' is.

Death map of the world

In a league table of the countries, the UK only ranked 17th best for men and 27th for women. And the US fared even worse, placing 53rd for men and 44th for women. The report, published in the Lancet, is one of the most detailed global studies of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in history. South Korea topped the table for women, with them having a 4.7 per cent chance of dying from an NCD before their landmark birthday. At the bottom of the table for women came Sierra Leone, where the probability of an early death is 32.6 per cent. Mongolia was by far the worst offender (38.8 per cent) for men, Imperial College London researchers revealed.

Montgomery County Animal Shelter (MCAS), a 'no-kill' shelter, is under investigation for allegedly euthanized a 'multitude' of animals that were brought in from a hoarder.

A new small Australian study found that four 30-second cycling sprints have the same benefits for cells' energy powerhouses as spending 30 minutes cycling at a more leisurely pace.

The Greek town of Aitoliko has been swarmed with spiders known as 'stretch spiders' have created the monstrosity over 1,000 foot of shoreline covered with rocks, trees and plants.

Emily Mueller, 34, from New Franklin, Ohio, set the internet abuzz with her maternity shoot where she covered her face in bees. But the shoot was a tribute to her maternity pictures last year that went viral.

A trending post claimed that the daughter, who was wearing a pair of sandals, had apparently asked the mother to clean her feet which had become dirty in the rain in Shanghai.

Charles Stewart from Denton, Texas, thought he was just grabbing his wife's tea. But instead he found a pregnancy test resting on top to inform him that she was pregnant with their fourth child.

Conor McGregor swigs whiskey and unleashes  fury on Khabib at UFC 229 press conference

Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov came face to face for the first time in the run-up to their UFC 229 showdown in an explosive press conference. The Irishman took swings from his own brand 'Proper' whiskey as he unleashed expletive-laden tirades at his Russian opponent. 'The Notorious' delivered his customary verbal onslaught, with much of his energy focused on the bus attack this April (right), an incident for which he plead guilty and avoided jail time. 'If you'd have got off that bus you'd be dead now and I'd be in a cell,' he exclaimed. 'When the person you were looking for turned up, you took a s*** on the back of a bus. He would have been in a box and I would have been in a cell.

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections is being sued for not doing enough to prevent, Amber Hilberling (pictured), 26, who was convicted of killiing her husband, from hanging herself in 2016.

Brad Pitt's foundation Make It Right is suing architect John C. Williams for giving the charity defective designs used to build 106 homes in New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward from 2007 to 2016.

A spokesperson for Google, based in Mountain View, California, said the emails represented brainstorming and none of the ideas were implemented.

New York registered sex offender Vincent Persico, 64, is accused of abusing the dog in the Long Island neighborhood of Melville on September 13.

Carl Ray, a make-up artist based in Washington, D.C., took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a photo of himself with the former first lady while paying tribute to their friendship in a kind post.

WARNING: Distressing content. John Michael, from Texas, crushed both of his legs in a botched base jump attempt after unexpected winds. The jump took place in Bryne, Norway.

The driver claimed the boy had crossed the Paris street, forcing him to make an emergency stop. The driver tried to lecture the boy who insulted him and said 'Shut your mouth and drive your bus!'.

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Mother reveals how she packed a week's worth of clothing for family of four in ONE

An Australian woman has delighted social media with a post revealing her extremely efficient method of holiday packing. Writing on Facebook, the mother-of-two shared a photo of a single suitcase tightly filled with clothes which she said would cover her family of four for an entire week. She also shared her tricks for how she did it.

A Florida sheriff's deputy has posed for a selfie with a raccoon after authorities were called in to help remove the furry creature when it broke into a woman's home.

Muin Bachonaev's lashes touched his lips when he was born and are now 1.7 inches long. But the youngster, who lives in Moscow, is comfortable with his remarkable lashes.

Horrifying moment authorities tried and failed to dispose of a 4,000 pound dead baby whale in a dumpster

The horrifying moment authorities tried and failed to dispose of a 4,000 pound dead baby whale in a dumpster has been caught on camera. The whale carcass washed up on Jenness Beach in Rye, New Hampshire on Monday. Officials believe the baby whale likely died after getting tangled up in fishing lines close to the coast. The 16-foot carcass was hauled off the beach using a front end loader and carried to a dumpster in a nearby parking lot so it could be taken away for a necropsy. But when crews went to drop the whale into the dumpster, the carcass ended up just flopping onto the concrete after authorities misjudged its size.


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Tow truck driver WRECKS a Jeep Wrangler while trying and failing to load it onto his trailer as it rolls backwards out of control

A tow truck driver trying to haul away a salvaged Jeep Wrangler actually wrecked the hunk of junk even more in Oak Harbor, Washington on Friday. He tried to drive the Jeep up a ramp to load it onto his trailer, because his truck wouldn't fit behind the building where the vehicle was being stored. But the Jeep rolled right back down the ramp, and slammed over on its side after crashing up against an embankment. The driver came out of the incident OK, and now has video evidence of the calamity that is definitely worth watching.

The African penguin chased Arianna during her visit to Jenkinsons Aquarium in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Arianna, who visited with her mother Katie was mesmerised by the bird.

Beatniks, bohemians, Bob Dylan: 1960s 1970s New York Village Voice photographer Fred

For half a century, photographer Fred W. McDarrah served as the eyes for millions of New Yorkers by using his camera lens to document the bohemian arts community with the Greenwich Village. McDarrah worked the majority of his life as a photographer and then photo editor for the now-defunct publication, The Village Voice. Now, some of his most captivating images are going on display part of an exhibition by Steven Kasher Gallery titled Fred W. McDarrah: New York Scenes, September 20th - November 3rd. The exhibit features roughly 100 of McDarrah's vintage black and white prints that span from the 1950s to 1970s. Pictured above left is an image McDarrah shot showing a Vietnam War protest, top right is an image showing a protest to commemorate the 50th anniversary of women's suffrage, bottom center is an image of Bob Dylan from 1965 and bottom right is a photo showing Pop artist Andy Warhol in 1964 at the opening exhibition of his exhibition, The Personality of the Artist.




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