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About the Huffines Institute

In 1999, Dr. Jack Wilmore and several faculty members at Texas A&M University began to meet with the intention of connecting the science and practice of sports medicine and human performance more closely. What Dr. Wilmore and others had seen was the gradual separation and disconnection between those who did the research in Sports Medicine from the coaches and athletes who actually used sports medicine. Thus, the precursor to the Huffines Institute was born.

The original group made such an impression that in 2003, JL and Sydney Huffines, due to their life-long support of exercise and health, became the original naming benefactors of the Institute. Dr. Steve Crouse took over as Interim Director at that time and capably sheparded the Institute until 2010.

Since these beginnings and with the realization that activity and exercise are the cheapest and most efficient forms of disease prevention and symptom alleviation, the Huffines Institute’s mission has evolved to connect exercise scientists, practitioners, and the public. It is this connection that we believe will lead not only to better athletes, but also to better health in the general public.

That is why we at the Huffines Institute are a community dedicated to investigating, applying, and engaging in a dialog about sports medicine and human performance. We invite you to join this dialog here at the Huffines Institute by participating as much or as little as you want. You can easily listen or watch any of our podcasts and and use our exclusive content. But we hope you won’t stop there.

Connect to us through our blogs, Twitter, or Facebook to stay up with the daily happenings at the Huffines. Better yet, join us as a member and get access to grant programs, travel resources, and early access to events, speakers, and new content. We are working to make access to Sports Medicine easy for you – let us know how we’re doing.

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