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Open-i®: Secure, Vendor-Neutral Monitoring of any network device, Facility Equipment, Sensor & Meter

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IRiS Infrastructure Manager: Continuous Remote Monitoring & Management of your entire Enterprise

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IRiS Analytics: Discover and convert the hidden gems in your operational data into intelligent decisions

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IMCI Solutions: Enjoy peace of mind for 24x7 situational awareness of your enterprise’s critical infrastructure operational health, status and performance

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IMCI offers an enterprise-wide end-to-end remote monitoring and management solution for critical infrastructure, that seamlessly integrates universal event and performance data collection / acquisition, distribution, management, reporting, and data analysis for reliable management decisions and measurable ROI.

From start to finish, we can help you implement a fully integrated remote monitoring and management systems. We can help you deploy and configure a system to monitor & protect all your physical and cyber assets, integrating them into one Common Operating Picture for convenient and cost-effective continuous remote monitoring.

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