Dan's face

Sup, I'm Dan.


My name is Dan McGuire, and I'm just a normal dude living life in the City of Chicago. I have a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Illinois State University with over two years of experience in the digital advertising industry and a self taught skill set of website design and development skills. I am interested in pretty much anything digital and hope to continue working with and learning more about all of the things in the digital realm. Some of the areas that I am both interested and knowledgable in are digital marketing, web design and development, graphic design and animation. I am also very interested in the notion of growing small businesses and ideas using my knowledge of these areas and that is exactly what I am planning to do.

about this site

I made this site not only to create a portfolio type thing, but also as a project that allows me to practice and experiment with my design and development skills. Right now the site is built from scratch with HTML, CSS(SCSS/Bourbon/Neat), and a little bit of Javascript/jQuery using Brackets to edit it and Github Pages to host it . I also have Google Analytics set up so I can continue to gain experience working with that. This site is still in progress and pretty much always will be.