Dan's Interests



I like reading pretty much anything that has anything to do with all of my other interests. I like reading articles, books, posts, comments, etc. If it relates to something that interests me or entertains me, I will probably read it.


I listen to a lot of music, pretty much whenever I can, and the genre varies widely depending on the day. A few artists I could always listen to are Kid Cudi, Jack Johnson, and Ratatat.


I started playing volleyball in sixth grade and I have continued to play since then. I played for my highschool team and for club teams throughout highschool, and I also played on the club team all four years at Illinois State. I really enjoy playing, and I try to play whenever I can.


I enjoy riding my bike whenever I have time and when the weather permits. I usually ride on the prairie path near my house, and I like to explore and find as many new paths as I can.


My go to beverages are water, coffee, water and beer. My favorite style of beer is an IPA, but I'll try almost anything. I like my coffee with a little cream, no sugar. And I like as much water as possible, preferrably cold.

other stuff

A few other things I enjoy doing are doodling, yoga, meditation, walking, and playing guitar. And sports sometimes: cubs, blackhawks, bulls.