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Shappi Khorsandi

Shappi Khorsandi is a stand-up comedian, writer and Independent columnist. She is also the president of the British Humanist Association.

Let's stop being bashful about our bodies – but leave out the parsley

Who wants remedies dreamt up when medical knowledge was at its most primitive? Give me bang-up-to-date treatments, tested by real scientists

Children getting stabbed to death on our streets is everyone’s problem

Jayden Moodie was a black child and, because of this, on social media and in the press, the words ‘gang-related’ have been scattered about with abandon – without evidence, and without giving his family a moment to grieve

I don't want Sinead O'Connor to tell us to wear a hijab

As a refugee from an Islamic republic that would have killed us if we had stayed, I’d say be mindful of looking like you are ordering people to follow your path and adhere to your chosen dress code 

Why I'm speaking out in support of reforming the Gender Recogition Act

If I was suffering in my own skin, I’d want to be able to make the change now, today, this minute. I would want the law to recognise me as the person I know I am