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Controlling the paiche plague in Bolivia's Amazon

This air-breathing aquatic monster has become far too comfortable in Bolivian waters. But, one chef is helping curb the problem by serving it on her native Bolivian menu, making it a useful ingredient and helping to rebalance the biodiversity too, finds Sorrel Moseley-Williams

How Cumbria's food scene champions all things local

Forget Kendal Mint Cake – Cumbrian cuisine is about much more, which has made it a top food destination. Emma Henderson takes a bite of the places putting the locally grown first



Chef Gill Meller on why we should all devote more time to our kitchens

River Cottage chef Gill Meller tells Ella Walker why the room that's dedicated to cooking is far more than that: it's a space for celebrating, last minute homework and drunken late-night arguments


Ethiopian recipes from flatbread pastries to grilled Nile perch

After working as a chef around the world, Yohanis Gebreyesus decided it was time to go home and put his skills to showing off his home country has to offer. Now, he's dedicating his work to opening the world's eyes to Ethiopian cuisine

Teff: The ancient Ethiopian grain that's essential to the cuisine

It's the country's most widely farmed crop, grown by an estimated 6.5 million Ethiopian farmers and, especially in the highlands, retains an incomparable importance

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Romy Gill's panch phoron butternut squash, recipe

Used as a side, or a main meal scooped up with a freshly made chapatti, it’s hard to beat seasonal winter veg coated in panch phoron spices, says Romy Gill