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Kevin Childs The Notre Dame fire could open some very old wounds

The establishment of France as a secular state was supposed to put an end to the politicisation and weaponisation of religion. Kevin Childs believes it’s done nothing of the sort. And now the burning of one of France’s most famous religious monuments is likely to reopen old wounds

Independent Minds
Do the music charts really matter any more?
David Barnett
Independent Minds
Urban beekeeping does more harm than good
Rebecca Bosy

Will Brexit put us on the brink of another foot-and-mouth epidemic?

In 2001, the outbreak of the disease brought the country to a standstill. As we look back at the horror of those events, Josh Gabbatiss wonders whether lax controls and less money once we leave the EU could pose a threat to British farming

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Raymond Byrd: Seeking justice for the last lynching in Virginia

An open discussion about lynching, one of the darkest aspects of America’s history, is virtually taboo – but now John Johnson is breaking the silence to tell the story of Raymond Byrd. Stephanie McCrummen reports

The west would do well not to ignore this week’s elections in Ukraine

President Putin ultimately believes Ukraine to be part of ‘historical Russia’, and he is watching political events there closely, as Vladislav Inozemtsev explains