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Muntjac deer and grey squirrels dubbed ‘illegal aliens’ in crackdown

Exclusive: Rescue groups will be breaking law if they nurse a creature back to health and return it to wild

Robotic reptiles reveal animals walked tall earlier than we thought

Scientists now believe efficient upright locomotion on land preceded evolution of reptiles, birds and mammals

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James Gorman How the golden jackal conquered Europe

Almost entirely unknown on the continent, the golden jackal has quietly overtaken the wolf to become Europe’s most populous wild canine. James Gorman goes in search of the elusive dog

Our obsession with taking photos is changing how we remember the past

Our memories are not as they seem, nor as our photos make them seem. Guiliana Mazzoni explains

Why do whales sing? We’re still not entirely sure...

Scientists have long been puzzled as to why the mammals communicate through song – and now many are singing at a lower pitch than before. Karen Weintraub rides a new wave of research

Chinese spacecraft seen landing on far side of moon in new footage

Camera attached to probe shows black and white recording of it slowly touching down on planet’s surface