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Azealia Banks shares profanity-filled video insulting Aer Lingus staff

The rapper has shared a series of tearful videos on her Instagram story 

R Kelly footage proves he knew Aaliyah's age when they married

Kelly can be heard in the new clip saying: 'Right now I'm producing a very talented lady... young lady. She's 14. Aaliyah.'

Oprah Winfrey to interview Beto O'Rourke amid presidential speculation

Winfrey is set to interview Rourke as well as Bradley Cooper and Michael B Jordan

Democrat response gets bigger audience than Trump's border wall speech

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer's response attracted a slightly larger audience than Donald Trump's speech, preliminary figures show

Taylor Swift brings 'Reputation' era to an end by closing app

The Swift Life, which was unveiled in 2017, is set to shut down in February