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Joanna Ewart-James To speak out about slavery in Mauritania is to risk your liberty

When Biram Dah Abeid announced his intention to run for political office on an anti-slavery ticket, he soon found himself in a dirty prison cell

Matilda Battersby Female cartoonist is finally free

Iranian cartoonist, Atena Farghadani, has already posted a new cartoon on Facebook. Matilda Battersby reports on her case, why her art was so controversial, and her next moves

Lizzie Dearden Egypt sentences Al Jazeera journalists to death in Morsi case

The deposed Egyptian President was previously sentenced to death in another case

Kate Ng Final tweets of female citizen journalist executed by Isis

Some of her last words were: ‘When Isis arrest and kill me it’s ok because… it’s better than [living] in humiliation with Isis’

Anne Mortensen Radio presenter assassinated in the Philippines

Cosme Diez Maestrado is the third journalist to be killed in the country in less than a month