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Indicative votes or not, we’ll still need a Final Say referendum

That should, in truth, be the easiest thing to gain support on, for any faction must be confident that a sovereign people will back the judgement of their parliamentarians

The UK could be instrumental in the prosecution of President Assad

Arguably, the biggest problem with the International Criminal Court and its ability to pursue cases is that it is heavily reliant on its membership, but now lawyers have found a way around this issue

The home secretary made the wrong decision about Shamima Begum

The home secretary’s decision set a terrible precedent, in that it suggested that any British citizen with a parent born abroad or with foreign nationality is literally a second-class citizen

Traditional political techniques are no longer working

When the rest of the world looks at Britain, it sees a nation whose political system has undergone a collective nervous breakdown since the referendum of 2016

This Labour split is just what Britain’s stale politics needs

The reformation of the progressive centre may take time – just as it took several elections for Labour to supplant the Liberals between the wars. It is surely though an enterprise worth undertaking

Groups like Turning Point UK will destroy the party system

If a general election is held soon, the most likely outcome will be a hung parliament as incapable as the present one of making a decision about Brexit