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  • Rukee ·
    To be honest I'm the wrong person to ask about that. I would contact Pontiac GTO Forum - View Profile: Pinion head

    Good luck.
    66Catalina ·
    Hello! Just new to all of this. I have a 66 Pontiac 2 door hard top that I am working on. Having trouble finding a front windshield. Any idea what I can use and what year. will a 64 Parisienne work
    sondrassassysayings ·
    Hello I was wondering if maybe you can help me I have 1968 Gto with factory air we r almost done expect it had a vacuum heater valve do you no were it hooks to
    gtoearl ·
    Do you have a contact for LARS...I read a thread on timing, vacuum issues and he gave an email to use for copies of his timing and vacuum spec. His email doesn't work and I don't see him in our forum for contact.. thanks..
    Darth ·
    How do I make changes to my "garage" pics. I can look at them, but can't seem to modify or add any. The only I get is to add another car. Thanks!
    Rukee ·
    I believe you click the garage tab on the tool bar were it says Home, Forums, Active topic, so click garage, then my garage, then add a vehicle. LMK if that works for you.
    Star ·
    Dose the mileage/odometer, stay on when the car if off? If not how do i get it from showing? How do i turn it off?
    Margey ·
    Hey Rukee,
    Just live little north of you in central Wisconsin. Still working on my 65 Gto coupe. See you on alot of forums. Wondering if you know of any 65 frames out there with good 65 numbers on it. Found a couple 66s, but looking for 1 with 1965 born on date.
    Alex04GTOND ·
    I have a 2004 GTO m6 and i just replaced the alternator, checked to see if it was charging the battery and it wasnt. Same issue i had with the old on i replaced. Any ideas of what to check next?
    Rukee ·
    Hey hdbenchik, contact Pontiac GTO Forum - View Profile: BearGFR give him all your engine details like the engine and head #s, he can point you in the right dirrection. I would think 380rwhp would be easy to reach.
    hbdenchik ·
    Hi, can you send me your email. I will send you picture of my engine, one guy from Fastco told me that my engine I Pontiac Poncho. But I don't know what doset mean. I have offer for engine,I would like to hear what do you think? Pls send me youre email
    Jimmy The Greek ·
    Rukee, This is my very first day on the forum. And I look forward to many, many more. At any rate, Love the way your car sets. I want my tempest to sit the same way. Can you tell me what size wheels and tires you are using. Any special backspace on the wheels. Is your car lowered and if so how much? I figure your answers will save me untold hours and big dollars in experimentation.
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