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  • O52 ·

    No it doesn't. (Mine is a May 68 Fremont car) There is an aluminum ring that fits over the bezel as you mentioned.
    I haven't seen any reproductions but was able to buy an NOS ring from Ebay last month.
    The lighter will not be used so not to concerned about overheating lol.

    johny ·
    Hello integrity6987,
    After we bought ours we discovered there aren't many 72's out there. I saw one on cardomain.com that was a twin to ours. I sent a message to the owner but never heard back. We bought ours in Lima, Ohio.
    MBGB33 ·
    Thanks Integrity - I'm excited to have this car. I'm familiar with Norwalk, and have been there for the "Nationals." Would love to come check it out. Is it a swap meet too? Thanks. I'm in the Youngstown area.
    Shake-N-Bake ·
    Only plan so far is to get it finished. Pretty much doing this on principal now. It should have been completed years ago but those plans didn't work out as intended.

    Would probably put it in Barrett-Jackson in January since its local to me. There is some interest in the car already and I haven't even marketed it for sale. There were 92 Ram Air convertible 4 speeds in 1968.....that includes both RA I and RA II GTOs. A rough guesstimate is there were 21 or 22 made with the deuce engine. Only 5 known to survive.....so far.

    Going to repaint the body tomorrow. Hopefully it goes well. :)
    Shake-N-Bake ·
    Those are F body only. The Firebirds don't have full length frames so they need the dampers on the convertibles. They are called cocktail shakers by the buys over on the First Gen Firebird forum.
    PontiacJim ·
    OK. Testing wires is going to be the best way. Had a 1970 Judge that the GEN light stayed on all the time. Replace Alt, VR, and installed another battery - all with no luck. I could drive the car a couple days and the battery would give out. Being a kid, I simply kept a spare charged battery in the trunk and swapped when it went dead and repeated. After 3 months I decided to find that problem once and for all. Wire by wire I tested. Then I found it. It was one of the small wires coming from the Alt that ran along the engine across the intake/valve cover. The outer casing of the wire looked perfect, but the wire must have been pinched and broken when the 1972 engine was transplanted in the car before I had gotten it. I replaced the wire and problem solved. Only made me think that the previous owner may have sold the car because he could not figure it out and got frustrated with it. Best $350 on a car I ever spent! LOL Wish I had it back, as we all say.

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