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  • tonyskala ·
    If you have those seat braces (2 complete pairs) and want to part with them I would rather take parts you dont need off your hands rather than buy them from The Parts Place

    So I am really over on my budget. And I am not trying to beat ya up. I know parts cost what parts cost.

    The Parts Place has the complete set for 49.99 a side shipping included. When you call them and finagle them they come down a bit.

    Could you do 80 for the 2 sets shipped to me in California? I would use paypal. You would save me 20 Bucks.

    Also wanted to know.. Do you know what a set of 1964 doors would fetch if they are not rotted or seriously damaged?

    You can email me direct at [email protected]
    Noangelbuddy ·
    I'm with you on the Doug's headers. I may even forgive their disingenuous response to the made in USA question and accept the fact they are made in Mexico.....if I can't find what I want made in America.
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