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Old rides you owned!!!!

I am bored I spent the day trying to put a center link on no luck.
Enough this is name your rides you have owned.
I have owned almost two of each car I purchased.

1977 Caprice Classic Canadian built. 305 4 barrel. TH350
1977 Caprice Classic USA built. 305 2 barrel. TH350
1972 Impala Custom USA. 400 2 barrel. Swap to 4 barrel. TH350
1971 Impala USA. 400 4 barrel. TH350
1973 Lincoln Continental USA. 460 4 barrel C6 trans.
1975 Lincoln Continental USA. 460 4 barrel C6 trans.
1978 Pontiac Bonneville USA. TH350
1981 Pontiac Bonneville USA. M200 Swap to TH350
1979 Cadillac Deville USA. 425 4 barrel THM400
1983 Cadillac Deville USA. 4100 THM200-4R
1994 Honda Accord USDM. 2.2 V-Tec 5 speed
1995 Honda Accord USDM? 2.2 V-Tec 5 speed
1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse USA. 2.0 5 speed
1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 10th anniversary USA. 2.0 5 speed

Now for the singles.
1983 Chevy Chevette USA. 4cyl 5 speed
1968 VW Bug Germany. Don't remember 5speed
1990 Honda Civic USA. 1.5 5 speed
1978 Audi 5000 Germany. 6cyl 4 speed auto

Everybody join in post them rides.

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Impala
Year: 1971
Doors: 4
Motor: 400 V8
Tranny: TH350

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'56 Bel-Air 2-Dr Sedan, 283, 3-Speed
'56 Nomad, 327, 4-Speed, 411 Posi
'58 Nomad, 348, 3-Speed
'62 Impala 2-Dr HT, 396, 4-Speed
'67 Impala 2-Dr HT, 283, PG
'71 Impala 4-Dr Sedan, 350, TH
'71 Impala 4-Dr Sedan, 350, 4-Barrel, TH
'72 Impala 4-Dr Sedan, 350, TH
'72 Impala 4-Dr HT, 350, TH
'72 Caprice 2-Dr, 400, TH
'93 Cadillac DeVille 4-Dr Sedan, 4.9

'62 GMC 4000, 305 V-6, 4-Speed
'64 C-30, 292, 4-Speed
'66 C-10, 327, 3-Speed
'66 GMC 1000, 305 V-6, 3-Speed
'67 C-30, 283, 4-Speed
'67 GMC 7500, 6-53 Detroit, 5-Speed, 2-Speed
'68 C-30, 307, 4-Speed
'72 C-10, 307, 3-Speed

Plus many parts cars, parts trucks and restorables (all Chevy).

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69 Mustang fastback - 302 2 barrel / C4
69 Camaro - 327/TH350 Still got this one!!
88 Thunderbird TurboCoupe - 2.3L turbo (great handling car..190hp but soggy low rpm)
94 Camaro Z28 - LT1/6-spd
96 Cadillac STS - 300hp Northstar / auto
88 Bronco 4x4, full size - 302/C4 31" tires. (couldn't get our of it's own way, that motor was WEAK)
95 Acura Legend - 6 cyl/auto (220hp - not bad)
86 Bronco 4x4 Full Size Eddie Bauer - 351W/C6 - roller cammed, headers, Dart II heads, 33x12.5x15 tires.... woohoo!
79 Camaro Z28 - 350/TH350 mild cam/headers/torque convertor
71 Duster 340 - 340/auto/3.91 gear,mild cam, headers. runner!
99 Lexus GS400 - 4.0L/auto, torque converter, Supra rear-end, headers, 13.9 ET! (my daily driver now)
94 Jeep Cherokee - 4.0L/auto, wonderful winter/utility vehicle. (still own this)
66 Impala convertible - 283/3spd manual (The Ebay Car, still have it)
66 Impala SS convertible - 327/275hp Powerglide

96 Kawasaki Ninja 6R - 600cc, 10.8 ET @ 125mph
00 Kawasaki Ninja 9R - 900cc, 9.8 ET @ 140mph
00 kawasaki Ninja 12R - 1200cc, 9.3 ET @ 151mph (still have this)

Future - thinking a Mopar musclecar and maybe a late 50's convertible. (after the Ebay Impala is done)


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1941 Ford business coupe (orig. flathead, recently sold)
1966 Chevy Caprice, 396 (still have)
1969 Chevy c-10, 230 six
1972 Plymouth Satellite, 318
1978 Chevy c-10, 305
1978 Chevy Malibu, 267
1979 Chevy Caprice, 305
1979 Chevy c-10, 350
1992 Ford f-150, 300 six
1998 Chevy Silverado 2500, 454 (still have)
2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport, 4.0 six (still have)

ALL of which never gave me any serious problems at all. And they say American cars are'nt good.........
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Here is the best that I can remember. Still have a lot of the spare keys to these cars. Of course a lot of them are stored in the barn as well awaiting my winning lotto to get enough money to put them back on the road.

1953 Chevy 150 2 dr sdn w/ 409 BW 4 speed used and abused, and finally abandoned as unfixable.
1954 International Harvester Pug Nose cab over gas powered (no brakes, and could never find the partsI needed to fix it) semi truck with flat bed trailer (to store cars on of course)
1955 Bel Aire Number one on the hit parade 2 Dr HT had five cars 427 L-88 4 spd Muncie. Orange and White barn find (was a 283 PG) (Kid I sold it to killed himself by flipping and rolling car on way home)
1955 Bel Aire Number two: Green and white 100 2 Dr Sdn. 331 tunnel ram fender well headers and 4 speed Muncie. No heat no radio.
1955 Bel Aire Number three No idea as to original color 2Dr HT no chrome or bumpers, 427 (sold with a 396) Grey primer 12 bolt rear end Muncie four speed. Black vinyl buckets that wouldn’t hold you in place on a corner; kept sliding out of seat.
1955 Bel Aire Number four full cage ladder bars Econoline straight axel , motor set back to the max fender well headers Tunnel ram glass front end full tilt 427 4 speed tranny with liberty gears inside, 12 bolt rear end 4.88 gears floors were shot as were the doors and the lower rear quarters with rust lots of unsanded bondo to keep rust from falling on track with tire shake Grey and red primer with a thousand contingency decals never street driven over heated on drive back to pits.
1955 100 2 Dr Sedan 396-375 horse BBC four speed. (Kid who bought this car killed himself and his friend on “test” drive when they drove it into a tree at high speed).
1958 Karmann Ghia sport cope 1300 cc VW four speed. Green and white (sort of a lot of primer and fiberglass on floor boards to keep water out).
1958 Bel Aire 2 Dr Sdn 235 six 3 spd med metallic blur
1958 Corvette Roller all trim and interior (red) and stripped to bare glass when found 331 installed with four speed and 4.11 gears (it had a factory posi). Tach broken
1961 Corvair Monza 2 Dr convertible 110 horse 4 speed. Had a 140 horse engine but never installed it.
1961 Apache 3500 one ton truck (pulled the 235 six three speed and replaced with a 406 SBC and a Muncie SM 465 four speed). Oxide red primer and a day glow rear end with lots of lights.
1964 Buick Electra 225 4 dr HT 455 TH400 power everything (open rear end)
1965 Impala 2 door HT Champaign with black cloth interior 283 PG
1967 Chevy II 2 door sedan Sandalwood w/427 4 speed Muncie (started life as daily driver with 194 six, but things kinda got out of hand) This car I sold to another racer who wanted to improve on it’s wheel standing ability (never heard from him again but it would certainly stand on it’s back bumper with ease).
1967 Camaro med green black interior BBC 427 TH400 12 bolt 4.56 (another 327 I converted)
1967 Camaro White Blue interior BC 427 4 speed 12 bolt 4.56 (another 283 I converted)
1967 Camaro Yellow black interior 454 4 speed 12 bolt 4.56 (another 327 I converted)
1967 SS Camaro original 396 car ran 454 with Muncie and 4.56 rear gears (couldn’t keep universal joints or an Eaton Posi in it and finally discovered that the rear end was bent out of line and rotated from a broken spot plug weld (It didn’t quite rotate but was loose enough to leak fluid and cause spring hop)
1967 RS/SS Blue with custom interior console and gauge package Camaro L-88 427 with Tunnel ram 5.38 gears Muncie. This was a Baldwin Motion Phase III car with a Dick Yenko professionally built motor using a Yenko high nickel content block with Yenko cast above the timing cover. Sold to Kenny Hann a local tire dealer and racer who rolled it up into a little ball at Gainesville raceway during Gaternatioanls in I think 1973 or 74)
1968 4 Dr HT Caprice White with Black vinyl roof 9C1 327 275 horse TH400 four puck power front disc brakes, 12 bolt rear 3.36 gears
1968 White Camaro converted (230 six 3 speed) to B/MP race car BBC 427 powered 12 bolt with 5.13 gears grey primered Richmond four speed crash box
1968 RS/SS Camaro 454 four speed 5.13 cogs Red with red interior
1970 VW Beatle 2 Dr Sdn 2100 cc engine 4 speed. (rotted away in the barn pulled motor for install in riding lawn tractor, scrapped the rest)
1970 Nova 2 Dr Sdn Blue had 331 tunnel ram SBC with 4.88 and Muncie Took off dog house and replaced the whole front end with race weight fiberglass. Fiberglass bumpers and trunk as well and gutted and swiss cheesed the rest of the car to reduce weight.
1970 Nova 2 Dr Sdn Green 350-TH350 with 4.11 rear gears. Was goimg to paint both 1970 novas to look alike but best I could do was rattle car grey primer.
1970 Camaro RS 396 black 2 Dr HT LS 7 454 TH400 12 bolt 4.11 gears (got it as a roller stolen and recovered stripped) Always ran hot with 454 and copper radiator.
1971 Nova SS Blue 2 door sedan roller (no motor or trans or radiator (project car)
1973 Monte Carlo gold in color 350 TH350 leather rotating seats.
1975 Camaro White SS 350 TH350 black interior 10 bolt rear 3.55 gears
1975 Lt Blue GMC High Sierra C-10 PU .
1976 Nova Med brown 2 Dr Sdn 350 4 bbl TH350 with 2.76 gears.
1977 Nova Drk brown 2 Dr Sdn 250 six 3 Speed
1978 White with Blue vinyl interior Scottsdale Suburban K20
1985 Impala 4 Dr Sdn (started life as a 305 4 bbl car but 305 was replaced at 120,000 miles with a LT-1 350 Corvette motor, and at 253,000 miles with a ZZ502 BBC with 4.56 gears and a 4L80e tranny. ZZ502 was moved to the ‘87 Suburban and a 582 BBC installed in it’s place.
1985 Camaro Berlinetta V-6 no tranny (was a five speed)
1986 Camaro IROC Z-28 No motor or manual trans 3.73 posi 7.65 10 bolt rear end
1987 White with Blue vinyl interior Scotsdale Suburban K20
1989 C91 4 Dr Sdn (originally a HO 305 TBI EFI) but that was swapped out at 178,000 miles for a 512 horsepower SBC 406 with a 700R4 replacing the 200R4 originally installed. 3.73 gears in the 8.5” rear end. Because I can’t tune an EFI with a screwdriver.
1992 Mercedes Benz 190e 5 speed manual ZF box
2004 Chrysler Sebring convertible
2005 E450 Ford Minnie Winnie 25’ motor home

Big Dave
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I am pretty boring... I only seem to get a new car once a decade.

1964 Impala (still have it)

1991 S-10 (sold it in 2003)

2003 Silverado SS (still have it)

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1964 Impala 4 door sedan

My Bloggy Thing: http://www.impalas.net/forums/blog.php?u=2285
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1) 1966 Caprice - Still Own 2dr coupe 396 3 speed bought from the orginal owner.
2) 1966 Biscayne - Reliable Winter Beater Paid $300 6cyl 2 speed powerglide. Was a blast driving this.
3) 1978 Dodge Monaco $50 with half tank of gas drove it home with shot wheel bearing 318 Auto drivers door didn't open and blower motor didn't blow took awhile to clean the windshield in the winter.
4) 1981 AMC Spirit
5) 1986 1/2 Nissan Hardbody V6 FI 5 speed
6) 1995 Dodge Avenger V6 Auto
7) 1999 Chevy Tahoe 350 V8 255HP Auto
8) 1991 Honda CRX - Race Car - B18C5 Acura Type R 5 Speed - Still Own
9) 2007 Honda Ridgeline - Still Own - V6 Auto
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The list is too long, and I still own most of them, but here is what started it all. In case you can't tell from the jacket and shoes, this pic was taken in the late 80s. I was 15, and this was the first car for me. A 1956 Nash Metropolitan. Car two came a year later, a 1971 Pontiac Parisienne. Still have that one. The Nash, not so much...

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Originally Posted by jayoldschool View Post
The list is too long, and I still own most of them, but here is what started it all. In case you can't tell from the jacket and shoes, this pic was taken in the late 80s. I was 15, and this was the first car for me. A 1956 Nash Metropolitan. Car two came a year later, a 1971 Pontiac Parisienne. Still have that one. The Nash, not so much...

Flat Head Six or a flat head four banger in that beast?

My neighbor and owner of the towns only proane retailer (and the father of two lovely daughters) had a light green one he drove 8 miles a day six days a week for thirty years until he sold the company and retired.

Big Dave
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OHV 4. Same engine as an Austin A40. Had a three on the dash (!) trans. The trans was really a four speed, but one gear was blocked out for the North American market because "customers were used to three speeds".
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1963 Ford Falcon
1965 Impala SS
1967 Camaro RS
1968 Ford Van
1971 Ford F100
1972 Monte Carlo
1972 Caprice
1969 Impala Kingswood SW
1968 Camaro
1970 Camaro SS
1955 Chevy (old drag car)
1972 Vega wagon
1970 Mercury Comet GT
1968 El camino SS
1947 Plymouth business coupe (Chevy powered)
1946 Plymouth 4 door sedan
1947 Plymouth convertible
1947 Ford pickup (chevy powered)
1983 S-10
1983 Chevy C1500
1990 Chevy C3500 crew cab dulley
1993 Chevy C3500 crew cab dulley
1996 Chevy C3500 crew cab dulley
1994 Fleetwood motorhome
1991 K3500 4X4 pickup
1981 Monte Carlo
1983 Monte Carlo SS
1984 Monte Carlo SS
1985 Monte Carlo SS
1987 Monte Carlo SS Aero Coupe
1988 Monte Carlo SS
1996 Chevy Suburban
2004 Chevy Suburban
2004 Chevy K 1500 Z71
1965 Impala Convertible
1965 Impala SW
And many more I forgot.

http://www.impalas.net/forums/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=521&dateline=14693626  69
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Cool Hmmm...

Hey guys I just turned 25 but I've had/still have, my fair share... I'll go by car years to make it easier on my brain
  1. 1967 Impala 2dr-Purple, rebuily 327(mother nature ate all but the engine/trans) so scrapped '09.
  2. 1968 Impala coupe-Primer, no motor or trans when I got it and the city towed it away for me(without letting me know first lol) '05
  3. 1968 Impala fastback (still have)-Royal blue, 327/400th 12 bolt, 327 is out (blown head gasket ''07) and rebuilt 350/350th from '67 Impala is in now.
  4. 1968 Impala SS (still have)-Green, I picked up December 10th 2009 from a buddy. Has a 327 275hp (not original) and 400trans. Now I have a built LS6 from a 2002 ZO6 Vette for it.
  5. 1970 El Camino (still have)-Gold, picked it up Spring '09. Has a 307/powerglide with a 12 bolt factory (weird huh?) currently but just picked up a hot 350/350trans combo for it that's going in November '10.
  6. 1970 El Camino (still have)-Light blue, has a 350 four bolt/350 trans combo that basically fell in my lap two weeks ago October 12th '10 for $500, and drove it home.
  7. 1971 Chevelle (still have)-Was charcoal colored, now is has primer/charcoal. Has a mildly built 350/350trans I picked up summer '06. I had to break it out of paint prison '07 and it's still under a tarp. Can't bare to look at it in the eyes(headlights) now
  8. 1971 Impala convertible (gave to my best friend Ebony X-mas '09)- Teal, no motor/trans but she wants to put a 454 in it this winter.
  9. 1972 Chevelle (still have)-Primer, picked up '07 for a buddy but he never repaid me so guess what, I Kept It and he still bugs me about buying it from me now. No drive train when I bought it but I picked up a 300hp 402/400trans from a '71 Cheyenne that'll be going in this Winter '10.
  10. 1972 Caprice (sold Summer '08)-Gold, had a 400sbc and 400trans and was soo clean I still regret selling it, at least until I finish the '73 caprice convt I bought with the money.
  11. 1972 Impala 2dr (sold Summer '08)-Brown, 400sbc and 350trans burned rubber at every light!
  12. 1972 Impala convertible (picking up Novermber '10)-Gold, 350/350trans.
  13. 1972 Cutlass S (still have)-Primer, bought September '10 as a birthday present for myself. Has 350 rocket/350 trans but will be getting a 455 soon with buckets and console conversion.
  14. 1973 Impala 2dr (sold Summer '05)-White/navy vinyl top 350/350trans with posi!
  15. 1973 Impala 2dr (still have)-Silver/black vinyl top, picked up Spring '10, 350/350trans.
  16. 1973 Caprice convertible (still have)-Primer, also a refugee from paint prison. Picked up Summer '08 with the money from '72 caprice sell. 454/400trans getting put in this Winter '10.
  17. 1973 Caprice convertible (still have)-Red no motor or trans right now because I originally bought it sight unseen for a parts car but it's too solid to cut up so...
  18. 1974 Caprice 2dr (still have)-Burgandy with nice original burgandy interior, 400sbc/400trans no rust!!! Getting painted black this Winter '10.
  19. 1975 Impala 2dr (gave its life for me Summer '07)- Royal blue, 400sbc/350trans was rear-ended at 50mph while I was at a dead stop on the freeway in traffic, but I'm still here
  20. 1983 Monte Carlo (sold '04 after i found out what a V-6 was/wasn't lol!)- hated this car but needed wheels to get around, ended up selling it to a friend who somehow burned it to the ground
Wheew... I've had a lot more cars than I had thought before I sat down a wrote that list haha! and I am working a deal to get two more of my dream cars: 1968 Plymouth GTX with the 440 super commando/4 speed and Dana rear that's been sitting in a car port since I was 3 years old, and a '69 camaro with a 327. I guess Im too young to have a midlife crisis so i'll just call all of this a Quarterlife Crisis

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Starting with my first and moving forward (still own the last three):
1950 Ford Pickup - V8, flathead
1961 Chevrolet Impala 4 dr, 283 powerglide
1951 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery, Cadilac V8 & 4 speed hydro
1964 Chevrolet Impala 2 dr, 327
1969 Chevrolet Impala 2 dr, 327
1971 Pontiac Lemans 4 dr, 350
1969 Chevrolet Impala 2 dr, 396
1971 Chevelle 2 dr, 355
1967 Chevrolet Impala 2 dr, 383 powerglide
1965 Mustang 2 dr, 289
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1. 1964 Impala 2drht still own
2 1964 Impala SS still own
3. 1964 Impala 4dr Still have engine & frame
4. 1964 Impala SS parted and sold
5. 1990 Tempo
6. 1995 Windstar
7. 1965 Impala 2drht
8. 1964 Bel Air Station Wagon still own
9. 1970 Mustang Coupe still own
10. 2000 Monte Carlo still own
11. 2007 Freestar still own
12. 1964 Cadillac Fleetwood 62 still own
13. 1999 Alero still own (Daugters car)
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#5 must've been a rough year for you Muskrat! :-D

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Originally Posted by BA. View Post
#5 must've been a rough year for you Muskrat! :-D
It was Hell, New House, Baby on the way and was on Federal Grant Employment at the University of Nebraska....which ended abruptly. That f word 4 banger sure could scoot on the icee roads, got her from 0-60 real quick and only moved a foot. Found my true love of V-8 Chevy owning that one.
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Hmm, not sure I can remember all of them.

Used to have:
'92 Lumina APV
'87 Chevy Celebrity
'86 Camaro IROC-Z
'86 Camaro IROC-Z
'89 Camaro IROC-Z
'89 Chevy Celebrity Eurosport
'86 Chevy Celebrity Eurosport
'86 Chevy Celebrity Eurosport
'88 Chevy Celebrity
'89 Chevy Celebrity Wagon
'79 Chevy Blazer 2wd
'78 Pontiac Bonneville
'78 Chevy van
'86 Camaro Z28
'84 Camaro Z28
'85 Pontiac Trans Am
'92 Camaro RS
'93 Lumina Z34
'77 Chevy Blazer 4x4
'91 Chevy S10 pickup

Still own:
'69 Impala
'70 Impala
'77 Blazer 4x4
'79 Chevy Crew Cab dually 4x4
'84 Camaro Z28
'85 Camaro IROC-Z
'86 Camaro IROC-Z
'86 Celebrity Eurosport Coupe
'88 Chevy Suburban 4x4
'93 Chevy Beretta GT

There may be one or two more that I'm forgetting.

'69 Impala 4-door hardtop
'70 Impala Custom coupe
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These I have now that run and drive:

57 Belair 4 door hardtop-350/muncie(owned 32 years!)
65 Caprice-350/350
68 C-10(Anniversary Special)327/t-400
82 K-10-454/t-400(bought it new)
85 GMC,C-10-350/350
82 C-20-350/t-400
87,G-30,350/t-400,26' motorhome
89,G-20,Custom van-305/t-400
88 Caprice,305/700-R4
2002 Celebrity,4 banger/auto(wife's tuna can)
95 Nissan,4 banger/5-speed
84 Buick,307/700-R4(was dad's car)
86 Volvo 760-GLE(was step-mom's car)
86 Mercury Topaz(was my mom's car)
78 Chevy C-10-250/3 speed on the column
79 P-30 aluminum step-van-292/4-speed
95 K-3500 Ex-Cab,long bed-6.5 turbo diesel/4L80-E
64 Olds,F-85 wagon-330/auto
64 Chevy,C-10-305/4 speed(8' step bed)

Some projects I'm working on:
57 BelAir,2 door hardtop
67 Impala,2 door hardtop-454/t-400
67 Chevelle El Camino-427/350
64 GMC big window,fleet-351/4 speed

Ain't enough ink in my computor to list all the cars/trucks I've owned!
(I scrapped over a hundred this year!)
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69 Impala -3 on the tree 6 cyl.
73 Monte Carlo
75 Monte Carlo
68 Impala -fastback
75 VW bug
78 VW bug
85 Citation
78 Chevette
85 S-10
88 Cutlass Broughm
7? Monza - V8 conversion to de-stroked 400
64 Impala
67 Impala
90 C-1500
94 T-Bird
96 Breeze (Plymouth)
00' Impala LS
03' Impala
10' Impala LT -just bought.
91' Justy (Subaru)
66 Galaxy
68 Impala Convertable - started life as a 307 p-glide, then a 327/300hp with a TH400; and finally still today 402 BBC with close ratio Muncie console; bucket seats from a 2001 Siverado and 3:73's .....for now.

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70 Gremlin- purple w/white stripes and 3 spd stick.
71 LeMans Sport 350
67 Fury -318
64 Impala SS - 283
75 Camaro -350
69 AMX -390 4spd
82 Camaro - 6cyl. 5spd stick
69 Newport - 383
87 Trans Am - 5.0tpi 5spd
87 Fiero - v6
92 Cougar - 302
96 Grand Am GT
95 Olds LSS - S/C 3.8
97 Z28 - Stroker LT1, heads, cam , 4.10s, etc.
02 Bonneville SSEi
05 Grand Prix GXP
05 CTS-V

99 Silverado 4x4 Stepside
08 STS-V (525hp )
64 Impala SS

Daytona Blue '64 Impala SS w/vortec headed 357, 2004r
2008 STS-V Raven w/black+tango 525+hp
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There have been many more but these are my favorites:

1961 Chevrolet Belair 2 Door Sedan
1961 Chevrolet Impala 4 Door Hard top
1961 Chevrolet Impala 2 Door Sport Coupe Bubbletop
1967 Chevrolet Impala SS
1973 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu
1976 Pontiac Grand Prix
1977 Chevrolet Impala
1977 Cadillac Sedan Deville
1984 Chevrolet Camaro Z28
1986 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 Coupe
1987 Chevrolet Astro Van - 400 SBC TH350 Posi
1987 Chevrolet Caprice Police Package
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In order of acquisition:
49 Ford Custom 2dr
50 Ford Custom 2dr
63 Impala SS dual quad 409 (still have)
53 Chevy 2dr
66 Malibu SS 396 4sp vert
63 Impala 4dr
66 Impala 2dr hdtp white
65 Impala 2dr hdtp
72 Grand Prix
71 Chevelle wagon 402
69 Impala 2dr
72 Chevy Cheyenne Super
66 Impala 4dr
79 Honda Accord
69 Camaro
62 Impala 2dr hdtp (still have)
63 Impala 2dr hdtp
66 Impala SS 396 vert
84 Honda Accord
77 Caprice Classic
87 GMC Sierra 4X4
66 Impala 2dr hdtp white, replacement for previous white 66
66 Impala 2dr hdtp beige (still have)
94 Buick Regal GS
96 Monte Carlo Z34
98 GMC Sonoma Hi Rider
00 GMC Sonoma Hi Rider
88 Isuzu Trooper
00 Camaro SS 6sp SLP (still have)
04 GMC Sierra SLT
94 Isuzu Trooper (still have)
64 Impala SS 4sp (still have)
95 Toyota 4runner (still have)
60 Belair 2dr sdn (still have)
59 Rambler Custom (still have)


'63 Impala SS 409/425 owned since '71
'64 Impala SS 327/300 factory 4sp p/s p/b air
'66 Impala 327/275 glide 2dr/hdtp
'66 Belair Wagon 283 700R4
'62 Impala 350/350 dual quad th350 2dr/hdtp
'00 Camaro SS 6sp hurst SLP
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Wow! Impressive! I've had over 100+ cars, as my best bud's dad used to own a Dodge dealership - and we often traded 'back-lot-bargains' back and forth from one week to another in the 70's and 80's. Some cars I had for a summer, some I've had for only a few hours! So I'll stick with my Chevies, for the sake of saving space:

1965 Impala Coupe - Black over White 283 (2nd car back in '76)
1967 Impala Sedan - Tan / Tan 283 beater
1960 Impala Sport Sdn - White over Teal 283/Turboglide ( i wish I never sold it! )
1966 Impala SS - Black over Blue 396 4-speed (blew it up racing. Ugh!)
1967 Impala Coupe - Burgundy (had it for about 4 hours - friend liked it more!! )
1972 Impala Convert. - Brown metallic --> later painted Baretta purple. Loved it !
1989 Caprice Classic - White/White (it's for sale!) One of my faves. 305 f.i. / auto.
1963 Impala Sedan - was Palomar Red - currently Azure Aqua. My weekend ride

Other Notable Rides:
1974 Nova SS hatchback - my 1st car payment.. bought it in 11th grade - had it 'til '90
1975 Chevy Laguna - Orange (old geezer client GAVE it to me when his wife died)
1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass - 350 HiPerf. - the prettiest car I ever owned. Fast as ballz !!
1971 Olds Cutlass 442 - A total slug. I hated it, and sold it after 1 summer.
1972 Olds Cutlass Cpe. - Tan/Brown. my summer beater for 1982
1987 Camaro RS - a total P.O.S. that I bought new and had 18 months before trading it in. I vowed never to buy another one (new).

'63 Impala Sedan
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Amazing lists!
My list isnt gonna be quite as long (gonna include my 2 bikes for kicks and giggles);
86 Buick Skyhawk
76 GMC 2500
94 Cavalier
92 Civic Hatch Back
73 Chevy Custom 10
73 Firebird
86 Civic Wagon
86 Yamaha Y600
2010 HD Sportster 1200 (totalled at 70mph )
1994 Chevy 9C1 Caprice
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I've had many but I'll only list my favorites.
56 Chevy Truck Camaro front clip
64 Impala 283 (wish I still had it)
71 C20 350
66 Impala (still have and getting close to finishing it)
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