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Rants OK ??? NET classifieds

As a BUYER and a SELLER (to Pay for the next car,NOT to support myself ,tho it has in the past ), In Net classifieds in general, I am searching EVERYWHERE for an Imp /BA or Bisc. Out of 60 info requsts I get about a third back, not so much on here- most have a brain, but there are a couple. Craigslist is the worst for this. no answer, no phone number, no price, no title info, just post it and let it buck. I think they must be lonely or starved for attention or something. Its a PIA to answer all the same questions over and over I KNOW but....

A list of guidelines-the BIG ones are underlined

Theres will always be Tire kickers + are a part of the whole industry and there is always going to be Dreamers who think their stuff is worth gold. (w most of these, its most often NOT) Be aware there is often a very narrow margin between max selling OR buying value and dream land- From either perspective, deal with it.


Buyers- NO, he is NOT going to accept a personal or over amount check.

Buyers- NO, your NOT going to take the car home until the check clears, With parts its Iffy.

Buyers- expect to pay PayPal or Westen Union fees if you choose to pay that way. If not? you got over - feel happy, He is eating the loss for its use, I do not use them- I use USPS MO BETTER gaurantee and FEDERAL charges for thieves..

Buyers shipping ANYTHING from parts to cars is expensive, expect pay - don't bother asking him to throw it in, car? expect 3.00 or (much) more a loaded mile. Gone is the $100 delivery fee.

Parts Sellers if they paid - ship the danged thing and do not inflate the shipping to get
MORE money, we are wise to that trick. I offer to have the USPS do a shipping estimate. If you ship around a work or family schedule say so up front.

They + You know danged well that people are going to ask the following .....................

Location - a car in Cali. is not going to be practical to a guy in NY, the shipping will kill this deal, So they should know up front B4 he bothers you + you guys start dealing.

Be serious- He's not going to take 2k for that 30K Vette , Me? I make ONE offer with the buy amount I want to spend, it sells or I walk - same a counter offer to a buyer, A lot of times they want to play that bargaining thing, I'm not one of them, my price IS the price. NOT a starting point.I can do it, but we will start HIIIIGH ! I know right away if they are about that. The last guy who came over and verbaly chopped my car to pieces to lower my price went home w a bloody nose, Yes I have done time for it. SO ??? He won't be so stupid next time or at least more careful about it.. Me an in my face stupidity or conmen do not mix well..and believe me there are other guys like me out there who take offense at their work being slammed by a smart mouth bargain hunter.

CONDITION-Cummon guys. Get real here, rust free means- NO, none, Nadda, rust anywhere, NOT a qtr size hole here, needs a tail pan ,or a dollar sized hole in the tirewell, "Restored" does not mean a Mako paint job. He IS gonna be ****ed if drives 300 miles and finds it needs inner rockers ,trunk pan put in with a 110 wire feed + chicken poop welds or there is paint over spray on everything on that "RESTERED" Baldwin Camaro. (6 cyl Camaro W ebay Baldwin stickers)

BE NICE, If he won't come to your price - walk, at least THEN the door is open to a later offer. If not, its slammed in your face.

Title? Figure it does not if not posted, so I move on. In most states a Bill Of Sale is NOT a title and are NOT accepted anymore. MN for one on any out of state COLLECTOR CARS. It CAN be retitled, but you better truly LOVE the car have lots of patients. The process is LONG and expensive.

Rust? yah, well, I live in MN. We KNOW rust. your not going to lose any more interest than if you told them up front, he'll come look and STILL walk. (another "I am lonely" thing)

How danged MUCH? (This one really PMO) MOST buyers just cruise right on by on these "no price or make me an offer" ads. They "play" a buyer by ear w this one. One guy will get it for less than another who is not in the know. Also a sign of a pro dealer, a lot of them have a "if you have to ask you can't afford it" mentality. Yuh right! , a rip off is STILL a rip off- cheap OR high

Answer the danged info query's- if you get tired of answering emails THEN POST THE INFO. (another PMO BIGgy)

Phone number , probably not practical anymore to post on-line w the net crooks watching, but at least privide it in the query answer.

Make me an offer (ok,this is a thinly veiled I want as much as I can get or "I wanna ebay, but got kicked off" or "I am a DF+ do not know what it is worth" thing)- I offer LOOOOW. Where if I knew what he wanted I'd go higher. Probably MUCH. If they wanna play people ,I have NO problem w playing back.

flaming a guys price or cars condition in the ads PUBLIC reply area is just plain BS. PM him or move on + forget it.

And the single one MOST requested query ,PICTURES if you do not know how- ASK, most often someone will post them for you. I do for folks all the time (but then I have nothing to do, but compute or FREEZE here.) If its a POS in person, it will be in detailed pics as well. Why hide it?

Pay attention to your ad + Answer the dang emails!
IF they would ONLY answer me BACK, the car would SELL! If its sold, PULL the ad ,another version of the above ,but can't be stressed enough.

Oh, here is one web site owners b--ch about constantly-
Answer or query in a PM, NOT on the post
There, I got it off my chest
oh what brought this on? I found a 61 Bubble- affordable (a grand) AND in my state-
9 emails over 3 weeks - NO answer + several query's on cars that were sold, but still listed. Dealers use this method to try to sell you something else. I walk from these guys.
This will PO some probably, but I don't care.
I am only trying to get people on both sides of it to WAKE UP. Thank you for your ear and venting my frustrations. Gads! I am missing out on some good deals out there.
I'll understand if this gets wacked or edited. I am fine w either. heh heh heh

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A friend of mine used to be the lead mechanic at the largest Chevy dealer in the country. They were bought out by Autoway (worthy of a separate rant, but I will let his employees speak up on that one). He now goes to the auto auction with his state dealers license on Monday and buys a car (usually a third gen or fourth gen Camaro, or new Mustang) he takes it to his shop and lists every piece of the car on e-Bay. By Friday 80% of the car is gone and he has it boxed or already shipped and takes what is left to the shredder on Saturday. He makes more money doing this, than as he was paid as lead mechanic and still pays off e-Bay their cut, and FedEx gets theirs. Pays for Hazardous waste disposal, insurance and all applicable taxes.

Only down side, there is one less muscle car a week in the world. He lets me buy the better hulks which I do to save them for the future. I have seven Camaros in the back yard that I could probably piece together to make one running car from.

Big Dave
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See? Thats how I used to make my money. Some after w left overs, but mostly B4 ebay and the net. I learned some very good lessons in the doing. Like you said tho, a LOT of muscle went to the crusher over the years-sad. But part of a cars life. Makes every one that is a survivor worth MORE. ;D

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Dave,I only wished I had a back yard big enough to store those Camaros.Only my back yard would be all "X" bodied cars..If I did though,my wife would probably be on my case about having all that (In Her Own Words) "Junk" around.Thirty Eight years married to her and she still doesn't understand about cars!!!!! I guess it must be just a guy thing,HUH??? John LOL

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Well having acreage instead of "lots" helps as I live in the middle of no where (my Tampa local is to give you guys a warm fuzzy that we share the same planet). I also have a 1947 John Deere Model M in the barn, along with a 1974 Mercedes Benz C450 SL convertible, my 1977 Nova, three Gravely Tractors a bunch of implements for them, a one-tenth scale US Cup yacht (do not ask), and a collection of motors rear ends, trannies and other things best kept out of sight of the EPA.

I tend to agree with the wife I will have to clear out the barn soon: but I intend to toss all of the old lawn furniture, bar-b-que grills, smokers, old couches and TV sets to make more room for cars. It should make her half way happy I think.

Big Dave
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Yep you are right no price I don't bother with it. I figure they want too much and are embarrassed to say so.

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