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Sad and happy day at the same time

Well, it's a sad and happy day today. First the happy, we found out that our newest addition to the family will be a girl!! I have a 13 month old boy and we wanted 2 kids and wanted them close together. We were hoping for a girl and we have one!! Also we got approval from my wifes work to transfer back to florida next year, can't wait!! Now the sad, I've come to the realization that I can't keep the Biscayne. I'd like to but the more I think about it, the less practical it is to tow a trailer with it across the country loaded with furniture. I planned on getting another full size pickup when I moved, but now I am thinking I should sell the Biscayne and get the truck now and use it to haul the family back to florida. Of course it's not the end for me, as I ALWAYS have some sort of project going lol, and I think the next one will be my wifes Mustang getting done. If anyone is interested or knows someone looking for a clean car, here's my ad in the classifieds
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I had to give up a car that I once stated "I would never sell". Selling it helped to pay for the place we are at now and it seemed like the right decison at the time and now looking back, it sure was.

You will find another when it's time.

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Ya I know. I think it's what's best for everyone. I kinda bought it on a whim anyway. I'll get another one when we're ready.
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Congratulations on the girl. Looks like you have a perfect setup there :-)

As to the Biscayne, are you sure that you will fit more stuff in pickup? I have wagon and surely I can fit way more stuff in it than I could in any other car. Of course, if you have to sell it, I am sure you will find another one.
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I might add it might bring more money in Florida than in SoCal as it is a California car and rust free compared to the rust riddled cars around here (we don't salt our roads but the sea salt in the air blows inland twenty miles every day so most cars get a salt crust on them if left outside). It would be safer than a pick up and rented trailer to rent a high cube box truck and stuff everything inside of that truck and tow the car here on a car trailer; or drive it inside a twenty foot long box truck (or bigger) and stuff everything on top of the car. (the trucks have rack rails inside the box that allow you to bridge from side to side with 2x4's to build another deck above the car for moving furniture).

Were in Florida are you thinking of landing as most folks are abandoning the state due to it's fiscal policies (or lack of them, as we are about to hit the wall like California did on not taking in enough money to pay the bills but no politician has the courage to stand up and say so.) Aside from going broke we also suffer from a lack of water as developers run the state's political structure (if your favorite politician was not bought by a builder it would be by a realtor). No infrastructure to mention, or cultural events (other than Country and western concerts put on by out of state promoters) and the worst schools in the country in terms of standardized testing and students being able to finish the first year of college (not to worry all the colleges are full without having any English speakers on campus as they get to charge folks outside the country more for their degree than Floridians are willing to pay for one anyway).

Big Dave
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Wow Dave, I can see you don't speak to highly of Florida lol. I lived there for 15 years and liked it for the most part but I also wasn't raising a family or anything like that at the time. We would be moving to the Panama City area up in the panhandle. I'm familiar with the water problem, we have the same thing here lol. The only thing about bringing the car on a trailer behind a UHAUL is it's gonna cost an extra 1300 or so that way. We don't really have that to throw around. Now you might think "how could you buy a pickup then", the money from the Biscayne would buy it.
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I've gotten alot of people wishing it was a 2dr, man no 4-door love.
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So where are you moving to?

Watch for updates starting soon in my blog here ~
And on my own website ~
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Panama City Beach, Florida
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I've lived in Florida the past fifty years. Seen a lot of our local officials (county commissioners) hauled off to serve Federal time (for graft and corruption and malfeasance and misfeasance of office) so I am a little jaded (that and I worked as a cop for ten years so I got to see it from the inside out were the elected state's Attorney General also worked as the defense counsel for the local Mafia boss). I worked one case with the Feds were the victim committed suicide by knocking himself over the head and stuffing his own body in the trunk of his own car in his enclosed garage and then nailed all of the windows and doors shut from the outside after starting up his car motor from inside the trunk. He died of asphyxiation, but the attorney general ruled it a suicide; ending any further criminal investigation. The Feds were upset because he was testifying against Gamabini in NY city for them; about what happened to a barge load of steel that turned up missing, and the money wound up in Gambini's off shore Bimini bank account (but not the Grand Bahama bank ). This guy had all the papers ready to convict him before he changed his mind and committed suicide.
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wow that sucks lol. Hopefully I don't have to testify for anyone haha
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