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Buying from the UK

Hi there, I am in the UK and hoping somebody out there can help. First, I am looking for a 2 door 65/66 Impala to buy, second i have trawled through craigslsit and sent emails to which I have had very little or no response, I am not sure why, as some of the cars are still for sale. I see there is plenty of warnings about scamming, maybe it is this, although I do make it clear that I do not expect to receive the car until the funds are cleared, can anybody help me on this? Third, after a bit of mechanical info, I see there are some with smaller engines around 280 or 290ish and wondered if they were unde-rpowered and best to go for a bigger size. I will not be using the car everyday, although it will be my only car so fuel consumption is not really an issue. Fourth, do they suffer from rust in any particular place? Are the frames generally good? Fifth, the transmissions tend to be pretty robust? or are there ones to avoid? I am fairly in the dark and would be grateful for any information that you can give me. There are no decent, if any, Impalas here and so I am having to try and buy from the States and craigslist seems to be the place. There are some dealers I have looked at, but the prices are high and it would be good to buy direct, as the seller gets a better price and so do I. Many thanks for looking and look forward to hearing from you,

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Welcome to the Team Jim!

Well some of the problem is your IP (the Mac Number or physical address of the computer you are physically sitting in front of) is located in Italy. This could raise flags with some people, when you claim to be calling in from merry old England.

My advise is, if you want one, is to collect a bucket of US dollars (small unmarked bills like they talk about in the movies all the time), and take a vacation in southern California. Visit Mickey and ride the rides; then put on some cool cotton clothes with a broad brimmed hat, grab your sun screen, and head out into the desert areas outside of the big cities and look for used car flyers such as Auto Trader to try and find a car of your choice.

You will need to see the car personally to assure it isn't a rust bucket. Since you are taking it out of the country you probably want one already restored and in show room condition. This is because finding parts cars to provide missing parts or sheet metal is going to be difficult to do in England, Great Britain or the EU.

As to the 283 it was the base V8, but the car also shipped with a 250 straight six as an option, or a two different more powerful 327 motors as well as the 396 in 1965 and a 427 big block V8 in 1966. Engines were growing in displacement practically annually at Chevrolet in response to the full size Impala getting more portly every year. A heavier car requires more torque (bigger motor) to get it moving.

It is for this reason that the light weight 1966 Biscayne two door sedan with radio delete and a 425 horses stuffed in a 427 was considered a real sleeper. It could outrun most other cars of the same vintage, but no one took it seriously until it was too late.

Big Dave
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Hi Dave, thanks for all your advice. Yup I am in Italy but am returning to the Uk real soon after selling my house, just waiting for it to complete then I will have some money to buy a car. I had no idea the IP address showed ( not being a techie ) so maybe that is the reason, I know it looks dodgy getting an email from overseas, but there are no american cars to buy in UK. Still in the dark a bit about the smaller engine cars would you try and avoid? Unfortunately going stateside is not an option as much as I'd love to see Mickey, wanted to sort the car out from here while I have the time, so I had something to drive when I get back, i hope this will still be the case. Another question if you can, what year do you reckon is better 65, 66 or 67 or is there no real difference? I do appreciate all your help, I have been and still am in the dark with regards what to buy and some advice could steer me clear of a few pitfalls. I am hoping to do a pre purchase inspection to avoid as many potential problems as I can but that too is proving tricky. I thank you once again for your time and knowledge most of my emails have remained unanswered or the questions ignored, maybe I should ask Mickey,

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Rust is the biggest issue. All of the 1965-'70 cars are the same size and accept the same power trains. The most popular of this series would be the 1966. The 1967 became popular over night surpassing the second place 1965 model due to that year being used as star in a TV show here in the states. Personally though I know there is more than cosmetic differences of round lights in 1965 and rectangular lights in 1966 the two years appear identical to most people.

Fresh paint can cover a lot of rust. You need a refrigerator magnet to tell how thick the plastic filler is under the paint. If the magnet won't stick it is on too thick. Today's repairs involve replacing sheet metal to get rid of rust, not slathering on Bond.

Have you given any though to how big these cars are? When I toured great Britain a few years back I rented a VW Vanagon as the car they reserved for me was so small my foot covered all three pedals at once (assumes I could even reach the pedals with the steering wheel blocking my knee). The Brits considered it to be a light truck, (a lorry) in the US it is considered to be a mini van. If you watched Top Gear before the show died Jeremy Clarkson, had purchased a Ford GT to drive in London. He discover that the GT, an American sports car, was too wide to traverse many Roman made roads in town. The Impala is bigger than either of those vehicles. It is going to have a foot print of a Scandia three axle P series lorry. Yes they can be found on British roads but not all of them.

Jay Leno was joking about the size of old American cars from the sixties (talking about his favorite Buick) that seats six "for dinner". While he is telling jokes; there are three midgets trying to service the car (wash the window check under the hood and fill it with gas), but they having difficulty due to it's size. Finally they ask Jay to turn off the engine because the gas pump can not keep up with the motor draining the tank faster than they can fill it.

Big Dave
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If you have Facebook, There are a number of sites that offer cars and parts for sale.  69
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Hi, thanks to dadstoy and big dave for your help, still wading through craigslist still no getting's like I got the pox or something...will try facebook but craigslist has so much for sale. Thanks once again
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