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TT SBC help

I have found wrenchcraft , and banks that sell what I am needing for my build on my 68 with the flaw of having to buy a whole kit or engine. Nelson racing has all the parts sorted out so I can personalize my own build and specs: but their site never allows me to purchase anything.

I have no issues with fabrication and I need help finding reputable part companies, that will stand behind their products.

I am very familiar with forced induction as I have built from the ground up 3 times my 4cyl 4g63t, pushing a little over 500 crank hp to all 4 wheels.
I understand the nesecity for a quality parts made to withstand abuse and last. I cannot emphisize this enough. I do not want forign ebay junk.

With all my searching I am finding it hard to find anything I need. Wrenchcraft seems over priced for a couple of easily accesable turbonetic journal and ball bearing turbo's.
I want a SMIM a good set of cast manifolds that will last as well as keep the heat in where i want it. Buying these parts indivvidually is what I desire.
Please help me source a american reputable co.
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TT = Twin Turbo SBC for anyone who was lost.
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no-one has a clue ehh. hmmph
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I am highly considering making my lightweight 68 impala, to be powered by a compound 4g63.
This has been a thought for a while but now I'm about to pull the trigger.
My only concerne is if the engine will have enough torque. As it will become a high hp DD.

I still own the 327 that came in the car. Along with a 2 speed powerglide.
I do not want carb anything. I have been doing extensive research into TT sbc's.
The problem is i cannot buy individual parts that aren't ebay crap that won't last.
Wrenchrat and nelson racing have some really awsome parts but only as kits, and i want to piece the baby together how i choose.
Everyone says the impalas are heavy cars... you remove the engine and thats 610lbs right their. It wasn't easy but I've picked my 4g63 engine up by myself to load into a truck, so it couldn't have been more than 270lbs entire engine. so I'd save 340lbs on engine weight. which would make only a 295lb difference between the two cars. They also make fiberglass everything for this car, hood, fenders doors, etc.
The amount of room under the hood would be great and easy to work with, it would stay auto RWD and possibly get a really short geared 700r4 transmission with a high OD for interstate usage.
My position is: I have a GSX that has everything I need. wireing ecu ecmlink. Fully built 9:5:1 compression, All I would need is a larger HX40 to compound my tdo620g, another external wastegate and a second fuel pump and larger injectors/along with meth injection. All fabrication would just take time.
Lightweight wheels and driveshaft, and buschur adapter plate. Possibly a billet converter to save on rotational mass.
That stuff aside I have a great gsx with a fubar'd awd AT. I'm at the point I want my 68 for looks, and the 4g63 CT, for power.
It seems to be a reasonable feat. And man I've been kicking it around for over a year.. I could care less about keeping an old car original, it's just not me.
This may become a failure, or it could possibly be one of those that everyone remembers that went down in the books.
I'm ready for either fate and won't be satisfied until I find out.
Thanks for the link, this is my model, 3,904 lbs 1968 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe 327 V-8 Turbo-Fire 275-hp Powerglide
98 gsx hatch 3,269lb with stock So the wieghts might not be so far off in the end.

The body of the car won't change much, although the stance will be low.

After talking with a friend who is a GM engineer today, it seems as though A sequential turbo setup might be more benifitial to this build. A small 16g- to a hx40. That way from low rpm around 3,000 I have upwards to 300hp and270lbs of torque, to get things moving, and then swap over to the hx40 around 5500-6000 rpms so i can have the most top end power hopefully in the 600 range, While still having a great drive and dependability and pretty good gas miliage out of boost.
I know alot will depend on my rear end's gearing along with the transmissions gearing.

I will have less money in this swap, because it's just going to take time, I have that. I dont feel like spending more time learning how to tune a new system, or converting carb to FI, fighting for room under the hood for a TTv8, etc.
I'm selling the 327 block, this is going to happen, the 68 impala, will be 4g63t by summer.
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I would have to say I commend you for having the ambition to do a swap like this. I used to have a Galant VR4 and am familiar with dsm's. what you are talking about doing is not a terribly difficult project to pull off, it has its pros and cons. One of the major drawbacks for running a 4cyl turbo in a larger heavier car is the fact of very little low end torque. Especially on the street. No doubt you had at one time or another shifted into the wrong gear, got out of the powerband and the car had no power to get going again. I fear that would be the case constantly pulling away from lights, stop signs etc. or else you would have to rev the thing to 3k or more just to get into boost to get any real torque at all times. I'm not trying to rain or your parade, it's just a thought.
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The cars weights are only a 300lb different, that just a guy riding in the car with me, Nothing is set in stone just yet.. Nelson racing finally responded to me about my TT327 build. if they do indeed help me I may just keep the v8........... Customer service has alot riding on the route i take.
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I like how you think. Tom Nelson can be difficult to get ahold of I hear. There's some turbo expertise on
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I sold everything, both engines, trans, the eclipse all is gone. After extensive research, it will be cheaper to buy a fully brand new built engine and transmission with a dyno set tune, than build one myself. So I can stay focused on work, and know when I buy it, I won't have any issues you tend to have with home built engines.

I'll settle for 800hp with 600lbs of torque at the least. That should be easily attainable off a boosted engine. So you still know the direction and power goal I have set.
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