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Big Dave
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Rodney American Auto wire doesn't read these boards much (I do not recall them ever posting anything but an ad).

Your stock wiring had a ni-chrome resistor wire that ran from a junction on the fire wall (there was a big plastic ferule that would be visible where the resister wire spliced into the regular copper wire) that dropped the voltage down from a nominal 12 Volts to 8 Volts. If your new replacement wiring is all copper (which is a good thing if you ever want to upgrade to an HEI distributor) you can use the same ballast resister that the 1955-'57 Chevys used on their firewalls; as they are available as a service part, and it does the same thing as the old resistor wire.

Only your information (instruction sheet) can answer this question or a call to American Wires tech line.

Big Dave
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