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steering 62 Impala

I wrote a lengthy post yesterday& can't find it . My user name is usually new in 62 I registered with my e mail I will correct this as soon as I can navigate this site. The reason for this post is my power steering is a mess.I ruined my control valve & replaced it from a popular vendor. I centered the valve & plumbed it up, got the valve to cylinder lines wrong.I also changed my pump to a newer type as it came in its own cage.I started the car & got a violent reaction on the steering wheel, enough to hurt my hand when the wheel got away from me. I changed my valve to cyl. lines,started the car & got side to side reaction on the steering wheel. As I'm writing this I realize I didn't purge the air from the unit,also I would like an opinion on my pump,I'm wondering if I need to lower the pressure? I should add that I put a seal kit in the cylinder I may have got something wrong here, not leaking tho.
I will thank anyone who responds in advance......Ken new in 62
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Here is your missing post:

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Their is a lengthy process outlined in the 1960 Chevrolet shop manual on purging the air and setting the slave cylinder and everything up. That would be a good place to start. I have never done it myself, but helped my Grandfather once and I seem to remember putting the front of the car on jack stands and turning the wheels from side to side a couple dozen times.
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Thanx for your replies....Problem solved while fussing with the connections I noticed the ram was bent.I found another cyl. that would work,not the same as the oem as the lines hook up on the cyl are vertical facing the crossmember,any way I got power steering,I'll keep looking for an oem cyl.

Thanx .......Ken in 62
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