Emote - Razelle
Got Updates? Consider it handled.

You've always been told to keep this and that updated, don't click that, ignore this, and more. With Emote, your device finally takes care of itself.

Emote automatically knows what to update on your device, does it silently and never disturbs you. Emote also checks to make sure your device is in tip-top shape by watching for potential software and hardware failures.

Razelle is notified the minute your device fails any of our health checks. We also make sure your device is performing its best by running tune up and maintenance tasks. All this is done silently; never disturbing you.

What do you get with Emote?
  • Freedom to never have to install another update; we’ll take care of that
  • Robust security that constantly protects you, backed by a team ready to assist
  • Daily backups so you never lose any important documents, media and more
Security without the side effects.

It's a scary world out there. Emote includes artificial intelligence security protection, so instead of trusting resource hogging security suites you have to manage, Emote dissects every file for malicious actions to prevent issues before they happen, unlike traditional definition-based security software. Bottom line? We've got our guards up, protecting you 24/7. It's about darn time.

Backup everything, and then some

Emote protects and backups all the important stuff on your device automatically, such as your documents, photos, videos, music, and more. If disaster ever strikes, you can always restore what you need. There is no storage limits, so you don't have to worry about paying extra for storage. Emote is perfect for anytime you get a new device too, because you restore everything right back to where it was.